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ServerGIANT Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops are often referred to as Cloud Workspaces or Remote Desktop Services.  This is a space on the internet where you can log on and perform your normal tasks as you would on your computer at home or in the office.  The main benefit of a Virtual Desktop environment is that all of your data is securely stored on our server.  Your data is backed up regularly and can be restored at any time.  

ServerGIANT can provide you with a Virtual Desktop with just about any capacity that a regular computer has, only your virtual desktop cannot be stolen, lost or damaged because it is not at your physical location.  It is Virtual.  For example you can order a Virtual Desktop with 1tb of disk space and 16gb of ram just like you would order a PC from your local computer store.  Your Virtual Desktop is delivered to you in the form of a USERNAME and PASSWORD and login instructions.  You can connect to your Virtual Desktop at anytime from your local pc, laptop or any mobile device.

ServerGIANT provides Virtual Desktop Environments on a personal home end user and on an enterprise level.  We can configure a Virtual Server to host company data and user access or we can setup a personal Virtual PC for your private personal access.

Please contact us to find out more about Virtual Desktops.  

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