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ServerGIANT Managed Services

Key services offered by ServerGIANT include data center management, network management, mobility management, infrastructure management, backup and recovery management, communication management, and security management.  We also provide Desktop Support where, after due troubleshooting and best effort is employed to resolve remotely, a technician is called to fix a desktop system, or its supporting hardware, software in an organization or at a designated field site.

With times becoming more challenging more companies  practice of using external resources by subcontracting some or all of the information technology (IT) functions required by a business. These functions can include infrastructure, software development, directing strategy, maintenance, running the service desk, and other functions.

ServerGIANT offer all of these resources on a unique per incident billing system which keeps IT administration and desktop support costs to a bare minimum allowing staff to concentrate more on what really matters to your company.  We take support calls from anyone.  You don't need an expensive support contract with a SUPER CORPORATION to have your IT run well. 


All you have to do is contact us requesting computer help.  You will be enrolled in our ticketing system and one of our qualified technicians will contact you within minutes to address your tech issue.  Billing will be in increments of 15 minutes.  Not an hourly minimum. 


Calls that cannot be resolved through telephone support or through remote assistance are escalated to local technicians who come on site to address hardware issues. 


All of this is offered on a NO CONTRACT and no up front admin or enrollment charges.  Just call for help and we help you.  We don't need your data for marketing purposes.  We are here to help you run your IT.

Contact us now to find out more or to report a technical issue with your NETWORK or Computer System.

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