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Abstract Background

The IBM 2498 8 Gbps SAN switches are designed to provide high-performance switching platforms used to interconnect storage devices, hosts, and servers in storage area networks (SANs).

Model abstract 2498-B80

The IBM 2498 SAN80B-4 Model B80 is a high-performance 8 Gbps FC switch designed for enterprise environments that require a high-port-count footprint for port aggregation and a simplified management environment that comes from reducing the total number of domains.


The IBM System Storage SAN80B-4, IBM System Storage SAN40B-4, and IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 Express switches offer:

  • 8 Gbps industry-standard Fibre Channel (FC) switch capability for systems that support 8 Gbps throughput
  • Auto sensing FC ports supporting 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbps
  • Scalable Ports on Demand configuration from 16 to 80 ports in 8-or 16-ports increments to accommodate small, to larger midrange, and to enterprise SAN fabric environments
  • High availability design with integrated power supply and fan modules and hot-pluggable components



SKU: 2498-B80
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