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All-in-One Touch Boards


Meeting rooms have always been focal points in the workplace. Creating a professional work environment has moved past good Muzak, and a locked remote - good visual and sound effects are a part of ambiance now and are integral to organizing all kinds of events. Bring it all to life with our All-in-One touch displays. It sells along with our AV solutions for integrated high-quality video conferencing, audio system optimization, and control system connectivity.

Our All-in-One touch displays designed for education and commercial. Size from 55” to 98”. Integrated with Windows and Android OS. Optional Intel i5/i7, RAM 16G/32G, HD 256G/512G/1T/2T.

We offer flexible, portable carts, fixed mounting brackets, HDMI active optical cables, and wireless control devices for your convenience. Depending on your comfort level, we can also assist with software development and data processing services for large format interactive screens, big data interactive displays, map displays, interactive shopping, and more.  Please contact us for more information or a free estimate.

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